Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and now Jackson Alligators?

The Detroit Free Press: 6-foot alligator turns up outside Michigan church

Authorities say a 6-foot-long alligator was caught after being spotted roaming the property of a southern Michigan church.

The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports officers from the Blackman-Leoni Township public safety department near Jackson caught the alligator on Monday. A passing motorist called police to Pathway Community Church after spotting it outside.

...Police say the alligator was in good health and likely was recently released. With colder weather approaching it might not have survived outdoors.

Look, you idiots that keep dangerous creatures and then release them into the wild when they get to big to handle, one of the redeeming qualities Michigan has to offer is a dearth of deadly critters.

With the exception of the rare Massasauga rattler, all of our snakes are non-venemous, our Great Lakes have no sharks and scorpions are conspicuous by their absence. We like it this way.

Typically, the greatest animal threat a Michigander ever has to face is a deer attempting to turn itself into a hood ornament.

If you can't care for your exotic pet, don't release it into the wild but turn it in at the zoo or animal control. Better yet, don't even get one until you understand all the consequences that accompanying owning such an animal.

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