Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mullin Over Severance Award(s)

So let's see if I get the logic of the Mullin scandal right here:

Turkia Mullin voluntarily left her position at Wayne County to take a job as CEO of the Wayne County Airport Authority, a job that she was hired for without a national search, and received a nice big $200,000 severance payment as she left one Wayne County agency to go to another.

This led to a hue and cry once the Democrat establishment in Wayne County was caught gaming the system and gifting its top-tier members sweetheart deals, at least this time.

This led to the firing of Mullin from the Airport Authority. This was to punish her for being part of such a sweetheart deal (with the alleged real reason being that she overstated her accomplishments at Wayne County, but considering she was sloted into position with any real competition, that seems a bit specious).

Guess What? The firing means Turkia Mullin will get a $700,000 severance payment.

That really showed her.

It is certainly good to be in the top tier of a corrupt Democrat administration now isn't it? Heads she wins, tails she wins, and the taxpayers of Wayne County pay in any case.


Scott said...

Ahh yes, but according to news reports last night and this morning, she was fired for being a naughty girl in the two months she has been at the airport. "For Cause" as they say. So no 700 kilodollars.

Is Ficano as corrupt as Kwam?

Aaron said...

Stay tuned for the upcoming lawsuit over the claimed "good cause". Can you say pretextual termination? I knew that you could.

Perhaps Ficano is not corrupt. I've yet to see clear evidence that he is.

He may instead be like Dennis Archer, who just about everyone (myself included) considered to be an upright and honest man. However, Archer was stuck was running a den of thieves and couldn't beat the Detroit Democrat machine.

Its hard to tell if Ficano is just a Wayne County machine tool or just surrounded by a machine that's keeping the corruption going with him being unable to prevent how it has always done business there.