Friday, December 07, 2007

Granhom promises not to raise taxes again

After the largest tax increase in Michigan's history she promises not to do it again. Not because she wouldn't want to mind you, but because it would be too hard.

Governor Promises Not to Raise Taxes Again
Gov. Jennifer Granholm, stung by outrage from the business community over a now-repealed tax on services and some discontent with a state income tax increase, says she won't resort to tax increases to cover any future shortfalls.
"The most important thing I learned (this year) is I'm not ever going to raise taxes again. It's too hard. It's too impossible," Granholm told The Associated Press.Especially in light of our economy and what we've been through, I just don't think that there's anybody who's interested in proceeding down that path again. And I'm first at the head of that line," she added.

Nice to see she realizes there's not much room left in most Michigan families for yet more tax increases. But she seems to think there's room for higher user fees:
The Granholm administration still is asking for fee increases to help fund the state departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality. Lawmakers have agreed to take up the proposed raises in hunting and fishing license fees and DEQ permitting fees next month.

Government revenue grabs never stop -- now let's balance the budget on the backs of outdoorspeople and people needing government permits.

But the Democratic governor made it clear she'll be looking at other ways to deal with the budget during her remaining three years in office.
"It has to be cuts and reforms. And there's got to be some creative partnering with the private sector on some stuff, too," she said in the interview Tuesday. "You'll hear more about that later."

Well it took her long enough to come around to the reality of the situation, that in a one-state recession raising taxes is just not a cure-all and is contraindicated.

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