Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Excellent Time Shooting with Lagniappe's Keeper

You can read his good summary of events at his blog post Shooting.

As he said, we traveled to the Lapeer Pit and did some shooting.

Many a junked gas can, coffee cans, a 5 gallon bucket and one hard drive gave their lives valiantly as targets.

Before we went, we did a little work on my Glock 23 and Glock 19. After reading Lagniappe's rave review of the Lone Wolf Distributors 3.5 lb trigger connector, I decided to buy them for my Glocks.

With his help, disassembly, cleaning, installation and reassembly of both Glocks took 22 minutes. Very simple yet elegant design, the Glock.

The connectors really cleaned up the trigger pulls making them much smoother, with the result that I was able to hit, repeatedly, the 5 gallon gas cans that were at 100 yards with my Glock 19. This led to quite a bit of comment from some of the other shooters that were present, especially the fellow with the scoped shotgun that couldn't hit any of the gas cans at 100 yards who could not believe it could be done with a handgun.

The Uzi functioned perfectly, and Lagniappe's 1919 was as always a great item to shoot and makes me quietly envious of his belt-fed goodness. Similarly, his AR15 was a joy as ever to shoot - aim and hit,any target at any range, that simple. I really need to get my own AR15 out more.

A most excellent time with a good friend at the range, what could be better? Well not falling on the ice while holding a box of 1919a4 links would have been a bit more of a graceful end to the shooting session, but someone had to provide the comic relief (in addition to the fellows out bump firing their AKs and SKSs and missing everyhting but the berm.....) and it might as well have been me.

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