Friday, November 04, 2005

Judge rules Detroit City Clerk violated elections laws

Detroit News: Judge says Currie violated election laws
City Clerk Jackie Currie is violating state law in the way she handles absentee ballots and supervises a team of election assistants who aid seniors and the infirm in voting, Wayne County Circuit Chief Judge Mary Beth Kelly ruled Thursday.

Kelly made those findings and others before barring Currie from using her election "ambassador" program in preparation for Tuesday's citywide vote for mayor, city council and clerk.

"Insufficient oversight presently exists," Kelly said, and "irregularities can and have occurred."
Currie's answer to this ruling?
Currie's attorney said her legal team will "up the ante" in federal court. "We feel all this is a violation of civil rights and the ability of black people to vote," said attorney Steve Reifman.
Predictable yet extremely sad. Stopping fraud and illegal voting proceedures is not "a violation of civil rights and the ability of black people to vote". Instead, it is safeguarding the right to vote and the value of those votes cast by blacks in Detroit, otherwise their right to vote is meaningless if their votes can be negated by fraud, ineptness or other wrongdoing at the Clerk's office.

One Question: Is anyone looking back to see if these same shannnigans and electoral fraud were going on during the last Presidential election? Were there enough votes fraudulently cast in Detroit against Bush that caused Michigan to "go" for Kerry? The difference in the election was 165,437 votes statewide. Note that
More than 300,000 names and addresses on Currie's qualified voter list are incorrect and include the deceased, people who no longer live in Detroit and abandoned and vacant properties...[and] Currie mails out 130,000 to 150,000 absentee ballot applications before every election.
The margin of deciding votes between Kerry and Bush in 2004 in Michigan is LESS than the number of ineligible voters on the list and slighlty above the number of absentee ballots Currie alone mailed out.

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