Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blog causes Sony to issue patch to reveal its hidden files

Mark Russinovich's Blog Sysinternals posted a discovery that certain Sony CD's with copy protection schemes install a rootkit that hides its existence on your computer, and pointed out that the copy protection scheme was thus hidden from the user, continued to use system resources even while not in use, and could not be (essentially) uninstalled without disabling the CD drive and a lot of tweaking.

Sony, after this was posted has now announced that they offer a patch to reveal hidden copy-protection software. How aware users will be as to the existence of this patch is questionable, ad at least users will be able to see that the process exists.

Oh, and to uninstall the software, you still have to contact Sony's customer service (or if you're advanced enough, follow the process created by Mr. Russinovich).

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