Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Department of Election Result Irony

In a true Detroit moment, as reported in the Detroit Free Press ousted Detroit City Clerk ultimately responsible for the conduct of the recent Detroit City election, is demanding a recount as she believes that
the process was so riddled with mistakes that she wants a recount of her own.

The reaction to this request is unsurprising:
"It's sort of funny that she's hoping to get back into office on the basis that she made so many mistakes that you can't count on the results she released," said Mark Grebner of East Lansing-based Practical Political Consulting, a leading voter list company in the state. "This is a woman who is reluctant to eat her own cooking and probably for good reason."

In other words Currie is alleging she was so incompetent in running the elcetion process that the mistakes she made cost Currie her reelection to the City Clerk's Office, where she would have an opportunity to preside over even more mistakes.

Or in other words, her potential argument is she made so many mistakes she even mis-rigged her own election?

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