Thursday, September 30, 2004

A Slimming Proposal for Michael Moore

Given Michael Moore's woory about his weight problem I have the following modest wager for him:

Should Bush win an election and no draft ensues, contrary to your predictions I'm not asking you to promise to move to France or anything of the sort (altough the French, they truly love you n'est pas?)

Since you seem concerned about your weight problem, I propose that if no draft is instituted when Bush is relected you should have to do the following:

1. Go to Weight Watchers and publicly post the diary about your experiences and how you're shedding those unhealthy extra pounds.

2. Wear a sign while walking around New York City saying : I'm a fat liar but I'm trying to lose weight.

If Bush wins and there's a draft I'll let you post a screeed here all about how "Bush lied" etc and I'll even say you're right and buy the entire Michael Moore Collection of movies and - the horror - watch them.

How about it Mr. "I feel like I'm overweight"?

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