Friday, September 10, 2004

Raimondo goes off into Paleo-Con Conspiracy Land

Seems like tinfoil is in short supply in some parts of the US these days.

Justin Raimondo, of goes off the deep end, alleging the Israelis knew about 9/1 and were even tailing the perpetrators and didn't warn the US. in his article Ghosts of 9/11

The Israelis, a silent omnipresent bodyguard, encircled Mohammed Atta and his cohorts, watching, and waiting – for 9/11, the catalytic event that would trigger a war binding the U.S. and Israel closer than ever before, a war that would not end even with the American occupation of Iraq – and would redound mostly to the advantage of the Israelis.

He draws on the usual collection of nutty sources, weaves together "facts" from unreleated events, wraps them up in innuendo and says ahah!...the Likudniks (jooooos) did it.

His rant would have sounded better in the original Arabic, or the original German for that matter.

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