Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Michael Moore spreads the false draft meme

Moore spread the false "Bush wants a draft" meme at University of Michigan - Dearborn when talking to students there in support of Kerry:
FEAR FACTOR: Filmmaker urges Kerry vote ... or else (Detroit Free Press).

If free underwear and Ramen noodles aren't enough to entice college students to vote on Nov. 2, filmmaker Michael Moore is trying to scare them into voting for John Kerry by suggesting that President George W. Bush will reinstate the military draft if re-elected.

"They have run out of troops. And that means only one thing. If George Bush is elected in November, there is going to be a draft. ... And if you're 18 to 26 years old, you are going to face the draft," he said. "This is what he's got in mind."

The Bush administration, the Pentagon and other federal officials deny any such plan exists. But Moore and some leading Democrats are fueling the rumor, which is being stoked on Internet chat rooms and on the campaign trail. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, stumping for Kerry, recently suggested Bush would reinstate the draft.

The only true statement reportedly said by Moore in the entire article:

I just feel like I'm overweight," quipped Moore.

Yes, he's heavy in weight, but a true lightweight in terms of facts and dealing with reality.

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