Monday, April 26, 2004

Wayne County wants to get into the slavery reparations business

In the Detroit News Article Wayne targets profits from slavery: County may require disclosure by firms that win contracts, the News reports that the Wayne County Council is weighing an ordinance to force firms bidding on county contracts of $20,000 or more to disclose whether they “invested in, or supported or profited in some manner from the institution of slavery.”

That should surely improve Wayne County's business climate.

Has the Board of Commissioners ever heard of a basic legal concept known as the Statute of Limitations?

Have they heard that, as reported in the article, Lawsuits seeking reparations have failed for one big reason: Slavery was fully legal until the 13th Amendment in 1864, said Robert A. Sedler, a Wayne State University law professor who has studied the issue.

To pass this ordinance as a feel-good measure which will increase the costs of companies doing business with Wayne County while Michigan is in an economic downturn truly shows that rather than try and improve the economic condition of the County, the Commissioners want to score cheap political points with its base with its attack against the wealth of the old-money companies.

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