Monday, April 12, 2004

Fieger expected to be appointed to Michigan Film Board

Geoffrey Fieger is an outstanding and flamboyant Plaintiff's lawyer, who tends to get reversed on appeal quite a lot. He had previously ran for Governor on the Democrat ticket, but then did not run against Granholm for the most recent Democrat nomination.

From the Detroit Free Press

In a correction to the above article, The Freep Noted he had not yet been appointed:

Terry Lawson's Entertainment at Large column Sunday reported that lawyer Geoffrey Fieger had been appointed head of the Michigan Film Advisory Board. Although Gov. Jennifer Granholm has announced her intention to appoint Fieger as chairman, a position that doesn't require Senate approval, the appointment has not been formally made. The governor's office said Friday that Fieger is still expected to be appointed to the position.

It is expected that soon after his appointment is finalized, films depicting Defense Lawyers in a sympathetic light will be banned in Michigan.

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