Thursday, April 22, 2004

CNN -- on the Other Side

CNN, the cable network that admitted to sitting on stories that gave a true picture of life in Iraq under Saddam.

CNN, the cable network that coddles Castro to keep its Cuba access.

CNN, the network that carefully covers up and shills for dictators in return for access, seems to have no trouble attacking and attempting to undermine democracies.

in CNN camera crew detained near Dimona reactor The Jerusalem Post reports that a CNN Camera Crew was caught filming in a restricted area where no photography is allowed near the Dimona nuclear reactor.

The article noted that CNN has a history of violating Israel censorship. It was taken off the air temporarily during the 1991 Gulf War when it revealed the location of Scud rocket impacts, information that could help launchers adjust subsequent missile strikes.

CNN covers for dictators and murderers but would publish data to make it easier for these same dictators to attack democracies.

CNN, the cable network that isn't there to provide news, its simply on the other side.

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