Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tonight's After Work Relaxation: Deadpool

After a hard day of work it was time to relax and enjoy something that just arrived in the mail.

Deadpool! I had missed it in theaters and had been looking forward to seeing it for quite some time now after enjoying the trailers, and I got to view it in the comfort of my own home.

The trailers really built up the movie, but didn't spoil it, and if you haven't watched it yet, you really should.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin (of Firefly fame) really had fun making this movie and it showed.

Lots and lots of humor, deliberate breaking of the fourth wall, and fun overkill levels of action throughout. Think falling over laughing fun if you enjoy rough humor.

The movie has a fast pace and and 108 minutes are over before you know it. There's nothing unnecessary in the movie - it just rips along from one humorous scene, to action scene, to humorous action scene to humorous action scene non-stop.

It's a superhero movie that is definitely NOT for kids, think of it as a guilty pleasure for adults.

Simply excellent and mindless fun with no overbearing message that you often get at the movies these days.


Unknown said...

One of the best movies ever. "Right up main street" Bwaaahaaahhaaaaaa

Wife and I saw it in the theater after a trip to IHOP. Halfway thru the meal I stopped eating and she asked why. I told her that I wasn't seeing this movie on a full stomach.

She continued to eat and after the movie she admitted that her tummy really hurt from laughing on a full stomach.

Not as dumb as I appear to be.....

OldAFSarge said...

Loved it!

Aaron said...

Jay Ater: I agree, it was one of the most fun movies I've seen in a long while.

OldAFSarge: Me too!