Saturday, May 21, 2016

NRAAM CZ Czechtacular

Passing by the CZ Display I got a chance to Czech out their wares.

Since the CZ75 was one of the first pistols I've ever shot, I've always had a soft spot for these most excellent pistols.

These pistols were both great, the stock ones had nice triggers, but the custom ones have triggers that are incredible in double action or single action mode.

In addition they had quite a few of the Scorpion EVOs there, including this fully tricked-out one. 

They also had the Bren - the big brother to the EVO.

The Bren. A rather storied name, comes in 5.56mm, and while a very similar form factor to the Scorpion, it's completely different inside while still being very handy indeed. The Bren, like the Scorpion can take a SIG arm brace, or can be turned into an SBR after paying the transfer tax and getting  a stock kit from CZ.

Very nice firearms, the exhibitors were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and now I want a CZ.

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