Saturday, May 21, 2016


HK had some new products on display, the SP5K, and they are now offering the VP series in FDE.

As you can see, the SP5Ks on display never stayed in one place for long.
With an MSRP of $2699 for a large semi auto pistol, you can expect there to be quite a bit of demand and for it to be bought by lots of HK fans, because HK.  

Yes, per the HK rep, the lower on the SP5K is different from the full auto version by quite a bit to prevent illegal conversions.  If you have to have an MP5K look alike, now you can.

No changes to the VP line yet except an offering of frames ion flat dark earth.  A VPSK (a compact version of the VP line) is in the works, as is a VP in .45 ACP, (yes jolts of Americans demand a .45, as indeed quite a few people were asking about it at the booth)  but neither is out on the market yet, maybe we'll see them at the 2017 show as they are being worked on.

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