Friday, May 06, 2016

Wow, Everything Really IS All About Him

Obama has been called the Narcissist-in-Chief by many as in every speech covering every situation he always injects himself into it as an example of the topic.

In his appearance in Flint Wednesday, he really got the lead out.

The Detroit Free Press: White House explains Obama's remarks on lead exposure

The White House on Thursday further explained President Barack Obama’s comments made a day earlier in Flint that he, too, likely was exposed to lead as a child

The Freep notes that Obama said

"if you are my age, or older … you got some lead in your system when you were growing up.....“, "I am sure that somewhere, when I was 2 years old, I was taking a chip of paint, tasting it, and I got some lead,”

Yep it's all him, all the time, even when it comes to lead poisoning.

His ingesting lead paint chips may certainly explain somethings, but his recollections of how he was nibbling a few chips of paint as a child really doesn't compare to a messed-up water supply of the entire City of Flint, caused by a failure of epic proportions at the city, state and federal levels.

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