Saturday, May 21, 2016

Walther's New PPQ in 45

Walther was featuring two new products, The PPQ in .45 and the PPS M2.

The PPQ in .45 fits the hand quite well, with the grip being very form-fitting as Walther is getting rather famous for in their handgun design. With a twelve round magazine capacity it is thinner in the hand than a Glock 21SF.  For some reason, the Walther grip design on al of their PPQ/PPS/P99 models just fit in my hand rather perfectly.

The trigger was like any other PPQ - which was very nice indeed, very smooth for a striker fired pistol and better than any Glock trigger I've tried.

The PPS M2 is the same slim form factor as the M1, but with a standard push button magazine release compared to the paddle release of the M1 model. 

They also have the PK/S now in .22LR which was getting a fair amout of attention from the attendees. James Bond can still draw in the crowds for the venerable PPK and its variants.

Walther certainly is offering a very nice line of products for the US Market.  I expect the PPQ in .45 ACP will draw quite a bit of attention, and it fills a cartridge gap in the Walther line to meet the demand of those who demand a .45.


Comrade Misfit said...

I really don't like the paddle mag release. Good to see they went to the button release.

Aaron said...

I started out disliking paddles on the P30 and now think they're the cat's meow. I find they're faster and easier to use than the button release, and less likely to be inadvertently depressed.

On the other hand, whenever I go back to another pistol aside from the HK or Walthers, they've got a button release.

Either way, I really think Walther has about the most ergonomic grip on a typical production pistol that I've tried yet (aside from the P30 which comes darn close).