Friday, May 20, 2016

Happy 20th Anniversary To The Finest Wife In The World!

Just the fact that she traveled with me and the kids to Kentucky for the NRAAM, which just so happens to take place on our 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Instead of my suffering a mysterious demise from a freak firearm/diving/flying accident - all of which occurring simultaneously, she came along willingly, which is gives you an idea of how awesome and wonderful Natasha is.

20 years, how time flies. Unlike the old joke about how the judge said I would have been a free man by now, I wouldn't want to, nor do I regret being married to Natasha for an instant.

From being married as graduating undergrads to grad students together in a crappy studio apartment, on to a house and kids and professions, it's been and still is quite the wild ride.

Yes, there will be an actual anniversary celebration trip, just the two of us together, later this year.

Thanks Tash for everything, and here's to looking forward to celebrating the next 20 year anniversary milestone, and the next after that together with you.


OldAFSarge said...

Congratulations to you both!

Long life and happiness to you both!

Murphy's Law said...

One of the best couples I know, with two of the best kids I know. You two are an inspiration. And I'm proud of her for not killing you any number of times over the past couple of decades, as we both know that you've definitely given her the reasons. Patience of a saint, that woman has...

Congrats again to the pair of you.

juvat said...

Congratulations from Mrs Juvat and I also, Aaron. A good wife makes life wonderful. Apparently you and I are lucky in that regard. (From what I read, so is Sarge)

Spikessib said...

May the worst be behind you and the best yet to come. Happy Anniversary!

Keads said...

Congrats to you and your lovely wife!

Aaron said...

Old AFSarge: Thank you all for your congrats and good wishes.

ML: Don't I know it, especially when the killing somehow always revolves around your presence and the antics associated therewith...

juvat: That she does, I think all three of us are quite lucky to have such fine wives in our lives.

Spikessib: Thank you!

Keads: Thanks! Natasha and the kids enjoyed meeting you.