Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama Admin - We Manipulated And Punked The Media To Pass The Iran Deal. Media - Oh Well, Yawn.

You have to admire the sheer audacity.

It's one thing after all to deliberately lie to the media, setup fake experts to feed the party line and dupe the Media b creating an echo chamber.

It's yet another to come out and admit it in an interview to The New York Times while the event is still fresh.

It takes rather a lot of nerve for the administration's deputy national security adviser for strategic communication Ben Rhodes to say to a major media outed that he not only punked the American people by using the mainstream media to sell the Iran deal but that he punked the media while he was doing so as well.

Yes, there's actually a post in the Obama administration for "deputy national security adviser for strategic communication" which seems to consist of Ben Rhodes effectively obfuscating and lying to the American people and the media about national security in furtherance of his master's goals. That it seems he did it quite easily is an indictment of the Washington Media scene, as Michael Totten points out very well.

Considering that there has been very little mainstream media play, and even less outrage concerning Ben Rhodes' rather astonishing statements from the mainstream media, it seems to indicate he's right.

It's one thing to pull dirty tricks like that, it's quite another to blatantly announce to the world that you did it and rightly expect there will be no consequence from doing so - after all he setup the echo chamber in the first place, so why worry?

The only useful thing gained from the entire sorry situation, which will harm our national security for years as a result, is that it yet again aptly shows the lapdog role the media has taken on for the Obama administration.


Comrade Misfit said...

The media are bipartisan lapdogs: Iraq War.

Aaron said...

I don't recall the media being quite hagiographic with Bush as they have been with Obama, indeed if anything it was the opposite. Indeed the media went out of their way to question any pronouncement Bush made unlike as with Obama. Nor was there any Journolist designed to support Bush and his policies in the media.

I somehow doubt we would have seen this level of disinterest had a top Bush official announced to the media how they were punked into supporting a policy. Instead there would be have been a firestorm of outrage.