Monday, May 16, 2016

Regionalism - Blue State-ease for "Bail Out"

Regionalism sounds like a wonderful idea, everyone in a region living in harmony and being interdependent and all that. Nice that is, until you get to the details.

Regionalism and interdependence nowadays means that well-run suburbs and areas outside the failed blue-state model cities will bail out the blue state cities' failures.

The Detroit News: Editorial: Highland Park should pay its own water bill

Highland Park, a city landlocked within Detroit, is indeed a showcase of the failed blue state model in Southeast Michigan - a city that didn't even bother sending out water bills for years. Couple it with the failure of the blue state model at the Detroit Water and Sewer Department to even bother trying to collect on the debt for years and you get the current situation where the suburbs are now picking up the tab.

No, it didn't take any special foresight to predict that counties around Detroit would get hosed in the deal, and sure enough it looks like that's happening, starting with all the region having about 3.2% of an upcoming 5% water rate increase to paying off Highland park's unpaid water bill of $30 Million dollars.

As predicted, the regionalism of the corrupt water and sewer department was indeed done to bail it and the City of Detroit and now the City of Highland Park out of their corrupt and failed mismanagement.

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