Friday, May 20, 2016

Firearms Law Seminar - Got Ethics?

Ernest J. Myers gave a talk on Legal Ethics, obviously a very short presentation, right?

Wrong. Lawyers, contrary to popular belief are a rather highly regulated professional snd there's a variety of things as a lawyer that you should not do, and things you should do.  It's a very good idea as a question of competence to know about firearms in order to represent clients about firearms.  As a lawyer dealing with firearms related clients knowing the gun control act and the national firearms act for that matter, not to mention state and local firearms laws is pretty darn vital.

Preventing client crimes, for example can't counsel clients to commit crimes. Instead advise clients what they are doing is against the law and may have  to disclose it if they go through with it.

For example interactions with BATFE, can lead to violating 18 USC 1001(a) - not allowed to conceal material facts, lie or false documents to anyone in executive, legislative or judicial branch of the USA. 

Lots of potential pitfalls for attorneys, not to mention the need to carefully counsel clients that no they should not try to violate the many varied and complex firearms laws.

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