Friday, May 27, 2016

A Laughingly Good Listen By Larry Correia

The latest release by Larry Correia The Adventures of Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent available from Amazon on Audible is a hilariously good listen.

You won't be able to consider insurance boring after you read it, that's for sure.

Narrated by Adam Baldwin, yes that Adam Baldwin, it is hilarious - the story is funny as all get out, Adam Baldwin's narration is dead on, and at times deadpan. There's lots of good in-jokes most of which are funny even if you're not acquainted with the "in" part of the joke, as well as Firefly references and Wendell the Manatee has a speaking role.

Well worth the time that you will spend laughing while listening to it, and you can tell Larry Correia had a whole lot of fun writing it and Adam Baldwin is enjoying reading it.

After reading it, when you pick yourself up off the floor after falling there from laughing, you'll also realize that it's not too late to write in Adam Baldwin as a candidate for President. We could do a whole lot worse, and probably will.


Unknown said...

Would love to hear the story but I don't have anything intelligent enough to play it. Dunce phone and the only Fire I have will burn my pingers if I get to close.

Good suggestion on the write in, I was going for Leelu Dallas (Multipass!) for Pres, Zaphod Breeblebox (Zarkin Frood!)for VP. Jayne might be a better choice.

Old NFO said...

It IS good! :-)

Aaron said...

Jay Ater: There is audible software avaialble for the PC and Mac:

The listen will be worth the install.

Old NFO: That it is!