Friday, May 20, 2016

Firearms Law Seminar - The Final Presentations

Derek DeBrosse did a good job on  firearms rights restoration. 

The big three ways to lose your firearms rights are:

Felons in possession
Mental disabilities 

He discussed the ways to try and get clients' gun rights back:
Set Asides 
Nunc Pro Tunc
Voluntary Applications File

Having done expungement a for clients, it was a very good presentation that gave me some new and useful ideas.

Ther closing presenter was Johnathan Goldstein, a very dynamic presenter that did a great job to discuss preemption as a way to stop the antis' current attempts at the local level to attack firearms rights.

An excellent and comprehensive look at the Antis current tactics and ways to stop them, as well as the need to carefully watch state legislatures and make sure that preemption legislation is carefully written  and timely passed.

Overall the Seminar was truly excellent and well worth the day.

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