Friday, June 28, 2013

RePughdiation In Detroit

The Detroit News: Orr strips absent Pugh of pay, powers

Orr stripped Pugh’s powers and $76,000-a-year salary one day after the highest-ranking councilman failed to meet a deadline to return to work and allegations surfaced of an “inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old student he once mentored.

This is the same council president brought in to save Detroit's finances but who let his own condo go into foreclosure. Detroit's voters sure can pick 'em.

Now if Orr will similarly strip the remaining city council clowns of their positions and pay and use the $10.7 million dollars budgeted to the council for things actually needed by the city, Detroit might get a bit further back on track.

While it seems Orr had a policy of "keeping your enemies close" and used kid-gloves with the council to keep them from trying to openly thwart him at every turn, the time for the kid-gloves treament for this clowncil to end is blindingly obvious to all.

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