Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey, The Definition Of A Conservative Really Is A Liberal Who's Been Mugged By Reality!

The Detroit Free Press, long a left-wing haven of anti-concealed carry and pro-gun control editorials, opinions, and slanted news coverage, just published a most welcome editorial indeed:

The Detroit Free Press: James G. Hill: Why I carry: Having a firearm is like having insurance

In a great article, Free Press Politics Editor James G. Hill recounts an incident where he avoided a mugging in Detroit by carrying a firearm where, as is typical, no shots were fired.

He presents the carrying of firearms by civilians in a very positive way, highlighting the responsibilities and training involved as well as the appropriate mindset. Likening having the gun to having insurance, he relates how it saved him from being mugged one night. Quite unlike the typical reportage we've come to know from the Freep regarding good guys with guns. Go read the whole thing.

Kudos to Mr. Hill for such a positive, accurate, and well-written editorial on what to the Freep is normally a deliberately ignored, taboo, and off-limits subject.

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