Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dumb Choices And Dumb Friends Make For A Bad Day For Some

If you're gonna be dumb, try not to have even dumber friends along for the ride:

The Detroit Free Press: Passenger curses cops, gets driver arrested in Waterford

A Waterford man can thank his buddy for a drunken driving arrest, according to the Waterford Township Police.

Officers were conducting a traffic stop at Highland and Pontiac Lake roads at 12:08 a.m. Saturday when Benjamin Boston Jonas, 34, drove past, his passenger screaming obscenities out the window.

“We got a drunk driver off the streets because a passenger decided to yell at the cops,” Waterford Township Police Sgt. Chester Bartle said today.

If you're gonna be stupid enough to drive drunk, compounding your stupidity by driving with a dumb drunk passenger isn't going to help you get away with it.

Something tells me Mr. Jonas is going to be reevaluating both his drinking habits and his choice of friends.


Scott said...

Probably not - if they're dumb enough to pull that kind of stupidity, they aren't smart enough to learn lessons and apply them to their own lives. They'll both be showing up on the police blotter again.

Aaron said...


You're probably right, but his bad choices sure are going to cost him plenty.