Monday, June 10, 2013

Schram of Scripps Howard News Service: Quick, Nothing To See Here....

Schram writes perhaps one of the moist incredible whitewashes (if one may use the term) of President Obama's laundry-list of scandals ever in " the op-ed What you missed during the scandals."

Lately, it’s as if misdeeds by the bunglers who gave us those Benghazi talking points, Internal Revenue Service political abuses and FBI seizures of journalists’ communications are all that matters in President Barack Obama’s second term.

We’ve become so caught up in the scandal soaps that we often miss major news that affects us all. (Unless we catch a glimpse of it on those little news ribbons that move slowly across the bottoms of our screens beneath the chatterers and yappers.)

According to Schram, we should apparently ignore all of these scandals, attribute them all to "bunglers", and then concentrate on what he considers to be Obama's legacy. he then goes thorough the economy, which he claims is doing better under Obama, on China's espionage with no mention of the recent NSA scandal, he claims that Medicare is doing better because of Obamacare (yes, you can get back up off the floor after that whopper), and the current uprising in Syria. He then states:

These are the stories that will shape the real legacy of the Obama presidency – and our destiny.

Basically Schram, is defending Obama from his multitude of scandals, not by defending him substantively, but by pulling the op-ed equivalent of yelling "Look! Squirrel!".

Yet another of the by now numerous examples of the media being so fully invested and in the tank for this administration that they can't address these abuses of power for what they are but instead simply wish to brush them under the rug on behalf of Obama. While protecting their ideal president, they're trashing any hope of preserving their reputations.


ProudHillbilly said...

OK, let's say Obama knew nothing. I don't want an ignorant oblivious president in charge. Because, obviously, if this is going on all around him he's NOT in charge. Same end - he and all the corrupt people around him need to be fired.

Aaron said...

PH: "The buck stops here" is a very foreign concept to this president.

The media meanwhile are going well out of their way to ensure he doesn't get blamed, much less take responsibility for these ever-widening scandals that are covered in fingerprints from the White House.