Saturday, June 01, 2013

Head Of American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Accused Of Multiple Acts Of Sexual Harassment

Michigan Arab solidarity only goes so far, and now there's a breaking sexual harassment scandal involving Imad Hamad. Yes that Imad Hamad - Detroit News Michiganian of the Year for 2002 (Boy can the DN pick em huh?), suspected member of the PFLP terrorist group and supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas. Yes that Imad Hamad.

The Detroit Free Press: Lawmaker accuses civil-rights advocate Imad Hamad of sexually harassing her

Hilariously enough, the AADC webpage honoring Hamad points to this Detroit News page that happens to currently feature this story: State Rep. Tlaib accuses Arab-American leader of sexual harassment. Oops, I bet they fix that quickly. Until that fix, go forth and enjoy the irony.

And, according to the articles it is not just one woman coming forward with these allegations, but many.

Apparently sexual harassment isn't a form of discrimination opposed by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Then again under Islam, women are at quite a lower status than men, so he may have considered these alleged acts acceptable especially among his peers.

Ah, the fabled land of Dearbornistan, where the rules and norms of behavior are apparently quite different from the rest of America.


Old NFO said...

Typical Muslim attitude... Women are property!

Aaron said...

Yep, the alleged behavior is highly egregious and unacceptable by any civilized norm.