Sunday, June 09, 2013

After 100 Years Gone Missing, The SS Henry B. Smith Is Found

The Great Lakes ore freighter SS Henry B Smith, one of the 12 ships on the Great Lakes that sank, and one of those that went missing in the Great Storm of 1913, has most likely just been discovered.

The Duluth Tribune: 100 years after ore boat disappeared in Lake Superior storm, searchers locate wreck

Just a few months shy of 100 years after it sank with all hands in a monstrous November storm, it appears that the freighter Henry B. Smith — one of the most sought-after lost wrecks of Lake Superior — has been found.

The wreck is in 535 feet of water, which similar to the depth of the Edmund Fitzgerald and out of reach of most divers.

Video of the wreck can be viewed on the Duluth Tribune's page. The wreck is deep enough and the water is cold enough that zebra mussels aren't attached to the hull and seems to have been kept in a great state of preservation. Very cool, the ship apparently wanted to wait for the 100th year since its disappearance to be found. Quite an impressive and timely find by Jerry Eliason and his team.


jon spencer said...

Ever thought of diving at Isle Royale?
Some of the better wrecks in the Great Lakes are there.
There are a couple of dive boats that run charters out, I think that one even offers mixed gas dives.
But a charter will run about a grand per person just for the charter.

Aaron said...


I've never done Isle Royale, but I might be doing a Mackinaw dive trip at the end up July.