Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yet Another Hoffa Hunt Ends Unsatisfied

It seems the main purpose of Jimmy Hoffa these days is to let the FBI run around Michigan and practice digging holes with heavy machinery.

The Detroit News: FBI calls off Hoffa dig, says no evidence found

Oakland Township — After stretching into a third day, the search for the body of missing Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa ended Wednesday morning in a rural field in northern Oakland County.

FBI investigators said no evidence of the body was found after combing a one-acre site near the intersection of Buell and Adams roads with 40 agents and they were going to break down their search site.

Following a tip from an aging mobster that Hoffa was buried in a shallow grave in a field here, agents had been armed with a search warrant, shovels and an earth mover since Monday. It was the latest unfruitful dig by the FBI since Hoffa disappeared from outside a Bloomfield Township restaurant in 1975.

Methinks the mob is having fun by sending the FBI on wild goose chases at taxpayer expense. Taking 40 agents of their regular jobs, presumably fighting crime -- including organized crime, to go running around digging holes is quite the coup.


ProudHillbilly said...

Much disappointment. I remember when he disappeared - it would be interesting if they solved the mystery.

Aaron said...

The FBI has been busy as gophers digging holes these past couple years as multiple claims as to his final location keep being made.

I suspect the people that actually know are long dead, or if by some chance they're still alive, they're still not talking.