Sunday, June 02, 2013

Diver 235 - A Reel Dive

Dive 235 was a great practice dive in Union Lake.

I met Chad at the Union Lake Boat dock and decided it was time I learned how to use a dive reel properly. So we headed out under our dive flag as a few boats were about but it was overall a pretty calm morning for Union Lake.

Dive reels are used for laying lines for navigating in wrecks and caves as you always need a clear lined path back to open water whenever you go into an overhead environment. If you silt out and you have no line when you're deep in a wreck or cave, you chances of getting out drop rather dramatically.

Of course you also want to ensure you don't tangle yourself in the line or make a mess of it while using the reel.

Chad showed me the procedure on how to do some tie offs underwater and I was rather clumsy at first, but I'm getting better and have a new skill to practice.

While doing the reel work we saw just a ton of bass swimming around that were attracted by our lights and probably for a fish laugh-break watching me manipulate the line underwater, which is a lot harder than it looks like when other do it.

Now, I've at least got a clue as to how to properly use the reel, and with practice I'm going to get even better.

Surface water temp was a balmy 60 degrees and at 30 feet it was 50 degrees. 50 degrees is cold but not terrible compared to the temps we've been in during the winter ice dives.

We had a nice 50 minute dive ending with a nice slow ascent holding our depth for stops at 20, 15, 10 and finally 5 feet. My buoyancy control is getting very good indeed. Great dive.

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