Thursday, June 06, 2013

More Tales Of The Detroit Mess - 25 Years Worth Of Untested Rape Kits

Just when you thought Detroit's incompetence couldn't get much worse they reveal this:

11,300 untested rape kits, 25 years worth were found after sitting forgotten in storage in a Detroit Police Storage facility in 2009. To make matters worse, only 569 have since been tested after being re-discovered 4 years ago ostensibly due to lack of funds.

This is one of the many reasons Detroit's crime clearance rate sucks.

The Detroit Free Press; $4M sought to test old rape kits found in Detroit

Armed with a $1.5-million federal grant to the Michigan State Police, officials said roughly 1,600 of the backlogged kits already have been submitted for testing, and 569 of those have actually been tested. The testing resulted in 136 “hits,” or identifiable suspects, including suspects from 11 states. Of those 136 hits, 32 serial rapists — people who have committed more than one rape — already have been identified.

That number is especially tragic, Worthy said, because if the kits had been tested in a timely manner, many rapes could have been prevented. One of the hits came back for a man who had been prosecuted for raping seven women, Worthy said.

When a Detroit or Democrat politician says you don't need a gun, and not to worry the police will protect you and catch the criminals, do be sure to laugh in their face.

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