Thursday, December 13, 2012

The AR-15 Lower Becomes My New AR-15/300

The AR Lower I built up has now been completed. For those of you who were wondering about the proper size Allen key for the Magpul trigger guard screw, its a 1/16" (the right tool made it fit real easily, a pity they don't put the size in their instructions, or just throw one of the keys in with the part - but Magpul did quickly reply to my inquiry).

So the humble lower has gone from This:

To This:

To This:

Finally to This:

I purchased a CORE-15 Upper in 300 Blackout and had it slightly customized with an AAC 51T flash hider and an upgraded bolt carrier. Core 15 was great to deal with and know their stuff, so I certainly recommend them as an option if you're looking for complete uppers.

I then added a Magpul MOE Rail to the bottom and a Grip-Pod. For the optic I chose an Aimpoint Pro.

I chose the 300 AAC Blackout caliber as it offers some interesting improvements over the 5.56 while maintaining the same magazine capacity. Having shot one in West Virginia it was fantastic - accurate, low recoil and a lot of fun, so I had to get one for myself.

I'm quite happy with how it all came together and this weekend I'm taking it to the range to try it out.


ProudHillbilly said...

Gasp! An assault rifle! Evil evil!

Well, OK, it's looking really good. Congrats on completion of the project.

eiaftinfo said...

Very nice!! Looking forward to the range report!

Aaron said...

Yes, but it has green furniture so it must be environmentally friendly.

So it is both evil and green at the same time. Perhaps I'll name it Solyndragon.

Actually, it also has matching OD Green Magpul mags - that way I won't mix-up the mags with my 5.56 ARs.

Green is for the 300, everything else is for 5.56.

After all, Green is the new Black (rifle).

Scott said...

I've heard the 6.5 Grendel is an interesting caliber choice for the 5.56-sized AR as well. A little more giddyup at the far end of the ballistic curve.

But that .300 Blackout is interesting as well, as you say. I hope to see your new toy, err tool, soon. I may have something to show you then as well - we'll see how deliveries go over the next couple of weeks.