Friday, December 21, 2012

That's A Cool Yet Irrational Mayan Way To Get An Early Start To The Holiday

Wow, does Lapeer County's school district have a powerful teacher's union or what?

Mayan Apocalypse Rumors Prompt 33 Michigan Schools to Close Early

Some students in Michigan will be getting an extra-long holiday break this year, thanks to the supposed end of the world.

Five Michigan school districts in Lapeer County have shuttered their doors early this holiday season, partly out of concern over end-of-the-world hysteria sparked by the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Remember, these public school educators are purportedly using the best science and most modern and rational methods to teach your children.

Yet, they fall prey to irrational horological hysteria.

Either that or they pounced on the excuse and just wanted an early start to the Christmas vacation.

Well played Lapeer educators, well played.

Hat tip to Brigid at Home on The Range for letting me know that some public school districts in my state really are that dumb. Sheesh.

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