Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sad Michigan Donkeys

With Governor Snyder having signed the Right To Work legislation, the Democrats are bluer today than usual.

In the Detroit Free Press, one of the saddest donkeys, Rochelle Riley laments that Unions need to remind people what life was like without them as if Right To Work legislation outlaws unions or turns Michigan into a sweatshop state.

Her denial of reality is palpable in the writing:

No, the question is: How is this possible in Michigan?

Michigan, home of the UAW? Michigan, which has more union members than almost any other state? Michigan, arguably the bluest state in America?

Now that Snyder has signed right-to-work and Michigan has become the 24th right-to-work state in America, will it be the domino that causes other states to fall?

Considering unions make up only about 17.5% of Michigan's private workforce, and the unions' overreach and excesses over time, including their push to enshrine unionism in the Michigan Constitution made such reform necessary.

Riley goes on to claim this failure is due to Unions not teaching labor history and then she really falls into the rabbit-hole land of the non-sequitur:

No one marching on government grounds was paying attention to what century this is.

And there is the lesson.

The 1960s and 1970s were fighting for the phone. They both called. They want their culture back. They want their methods of selling the union back. They want the anger and threats and the memory of Vincent Chin to stay in the past.

The 21st Century is calling now, and if the unions don't answer that call with new ideas and a new program, America will become a right-to-work nation by the time Hillary Rodham Clinton completes her second term.

Try to figure out what those paragraphs full of mixed metaphors even mean. Even more hilarious, she expects Hillary Clinton to run and win two terms after the Obama deluge.

Delusions are powerful things indeed, and the blue state model has been run on them for quite some time now.


Murphy's Law said...

Yep. Michigan is so blue that it has a Republican House, Senate and Governor. LOL and LOL yet again.

Six said...

It makes me smile and feel all warm inside when liberals cry. Is that wrong?

Scott said...

Yeah, really. Bluer that NY? Bluer than CA? Or MA? Please Rochelle...ask someone to hit you with the clue bat.

Aaron said...

Six: Nope, there's nothing sweeter than the sad, sad tears of the liberal.

Scott and ML: Yep, Michigan may just pull out of this blue death-spiral yet. The lib columnists denial isn't just a river in Africa anymore.