Tuesday, December 04, 2012

David Trotter Finds The Wreck Of The Steamer New York

Shipwreck Hunter David Trotter does it again, and it's an important find.

The Detroit Free Press: Canton shipwreck hunter discovers another in Lake Huron

They had discovered the New York, a 133-year-old wooden steamer that sank more than a century ago during a storm on Lake Huron


The find is expected to shed light on how ships were built during that era -- a time when most shipbuilders didn't use written plans


Trotter said the 283-foot New York was the largest wooden steamer in existence when it was built in 1879, not long before steel and iron became preferred for ship construction.

The ship had two stacks, twin boilers, a tall mast and two lifeboats that eventually would save its captain and crew. Divers discovered it resting upright, with a damaged stern and broken stacks nearby, about 40 miles north of the tip of the Thumb.

At 240 feet deep, the New York is a serious technical dive and not a casual trip.

Another fantastic find by David Trotter.

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