Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21 And Yes, We're All Still Here

Crazy end of year rush at work. I've been crazy busy trying to get everyone's rushes and emergencies done so blogging has been significantly curtailed.

So much for the Mayan prophecy as an excuse for slowing things down at all. Why the hurry? The world's ending and your case is therfore coming to a resolution.... That excuse doesn't work. btw.

In other words, no end of the world in sight - after all with 4 more years of Obama it's gonna be bad enough, Mayans or no Mayans.

Of course, we could be wrong and the hysterical and credulous could be might as well go out with a couple songs:

But it's really, really, really, not likely to happen anytime soon, hysterical and credulous people notwithstanding. Let's stick to worrying about stuff that matters and that we can do something useful about.

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