Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowing All The Way Home

Snow Tires just rock.

The snow started coming down here around 2 pm and we've had about 6-8 inches or so, with more expected.

Between the Bridgestone Blizzaks and four-wheel drive, my trusty RAV4 made it through the driving mounds of snow without complaint.

I made it home no problem, after maneuvering around quite a number of cars that didn't have snow tires nor an understanding of both basic physics and the basic technique of driving in a heavy snowstorm - go slower than normal but not so slow as to lose any momentum and get stuck, and stay in control.

Currently there's a large tow truck stuck on our street that managed to get bogged down after freeing one of the three cars that couldn't stay out of the ditches on the street in this storm. It has now been stuck for the past three hours or so creating what Leah is cheerfully describing as "epic entertainment"! She's now watched a van, a pickup truck and other vehicles try to pull it out of the ditch to no avail. Of course, with all this pulling and wheel-spinning they've now created a patch of solid ice on that side of the street which will be just great to deal with tomorrow.

My car, by comparison, is comfy and warm in my garage after making it up the driveway of doom to the house.

Digging us out tomorrow morning should be quite a bit of beneficial exercise.

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