Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Noes, Michigan Democrats To Threaten To Commit Suicide Over Right To Work

The Michigan Democrat tantrum over the Right to Work legislation is getting very entertaining.

First we had Gretchen Whitmer trying to get Obama to block funding for the new Bridge to Windsor and regional transit for Detroit - both items that would help Democrat constituencies with jobs and improve the economy. In the case of regional transit that's a Democrat boondoggle that would involve lots of things Democrats love: lots of government spending, unionized drivers and mass transit heavily subsidized by the taxpayer.

Now we have them threatening to hold up progress and state government spending in Detroit: Dems threaten to block arena, Detroit light plans

Democrats — looking for leverage to stop Republican approval today of a right-to-work law — are threatening to derail legislation that could help bring a new Detroit Red Wings arena to downtown Detroit and repair the city's 40,000 broken streetlights.

House Democratic Leader Rich Hammel said Monday his caucus will likely cast "no" votes for the rest of the lame-duck session — which officially ends Dec. 20 — in protest of the right-to-work bills, even if it means hurting Democratic priorities.

Awesome. This Democrat tantrum stops the Michigan government from wasting money on Democrat pet projects - regional transit, public financing of a sports arena, and having the state pay for for streetlights in Detroit.

How is blocking these items a bad thing for Michigan again? Are Democrats going to up the ante by threatening to vote for lower taxes and less government spending?


ProudHillbilly said...

"There will be blood"? Gimme a break.

Aaron said...

Yeah, they're not all there, are they?