Monday, December 31, 2012

Some People Get Started Stupid Early

So today at about 7 pm, I had just finished taking the kids to the Civic Theater in Farmington, a movie theater that offers lower prices for second-run movies and is a very homey old-fashioned kind of theater. I had taken them to watch Wreck-It Ralph as the last movie of 2012.

The kids enjoyed the movie and there was more than enough humor that appealed to adults at the same time.

So we were heading back home on a major north-south road and as I came up to a red light I stopped behind a truck that was there, in park, with the drivers side window down and the driver yelling and gesticulating out the window.

The driver is not just yelling but cursing up a storm. The light turns green, he's not going anywhere just screaming obscenities.

Still yelling, he starts looking at me and yelling obscenities.

Then he starts opening his door and getting out of the truck while yelling. Not a good sign.

At this point I have my left hand on the wheel and the right hand is now otherwise engaged.

The light is still green, traffic on my left opens sufficiently and I floor it and get around the truck, happy that I had stopped leaving sufficient space.

I then get well past the intersection and keep going while calling the police on the handy cell phone. Hopefully they get him.

Some idiots have to start being stupid early.