Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Fun Sunday Morning Range Trip

Got up this morning at a reasonable hour and went to the Range with Robert.
Snow was on the ground and the weather was cold but with no wind it was quite tolerable and rather pleasant. No one else was around so we had the range to ourselves.
It was a very bright and sunny day so the sun bouncing off the snow was giving the camera fits.

That's a picture of a plate rack, a popper and some paper targets.
We set up three poppers and the plate rack and proceeded to blast the snow off of them quite handily.

 Robert also liked trying my .45 and once again, the reloads were flawless.

Rob also shot his Kahr PM9, and considering it is his carry gun he keeps in practice with it and does very well indeed.  I shot it as well, The PM9 is also my go-to carry gun for most occasions as it is so very conveniently carried in a pocket, I try to practice with it a lot.

Then Rob shot my Glock 19, which he likes so much that he's going to buy one for himself, as it fits his hand like a glove and he's notably accurate with it.

I then took my M&P9 out for a shoot.

It worked perfectly, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I'm very happy that it now works without any more issues.  Had it choked on me yet again, or given me any other malfunction, I would have sold it in a heartbeat.

However, between the new trigger spring and whatever else that was installed/fixed by S&W under warranty, the new recoil spring I put in and my moving the rear sight back to center and tightening it down, it functioned without a single problem.

 Even worse, I'm reasonably accurate with it, it fits the hand superbly, and it was a joy to shoot.  I very possibly shoot it better than my Glock 17, which raises some questions as to what pistol I should now use for USPSA competition and indeed for carry at times, and if I'm ready to trust it again for carry and competition:

 So, do I keep it now?

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