Saturday, December 29, 2012

Obama And Feinstein Gun Salesmen Of The Year

I'm not sure if this is all just a cunning plan on the part of the Democrats to increase consumer spending in December and show the economy is improving in 2012 with all this frenzied spending activity by threatening to ban guns in January, but it is getting rather tiresome.

Good luck finding standard capacity magazines or indeed finding decent bulk quantities of ammunition to buy just about anywhere.

Good luck finding semi-auto rifles, or lower receivers for same to purchase at this point as the buying panic / speculation / foresight and considered preparation (your choice which) is well and truly underway.

Note that Supply and Demand isn't just a good idea but a law - prices on these items are up to reflect the higher demand for these items.

This is also forcing me to both consider purchasing items ahead of my planned schedule and back ordering standard capacity magazines for firearms I might buy in the future, or magazines that I might instead buy on occasion. For example, an AR magazine with every Brownells or Midway order is a standard practice with me. Instead, I'm leaning towards stocking up now, which of course introduces even more feedback into the shortage loop.

On the upside, I'm making a donation to the Second Amendment Foundation and urge others to do the same, and considering also made one to the NRA-ILA and am emailing my state and federal representatives accordingly to voice my opposition to any such bans. If everyone out there who buys a rifle in a panic also buys an SAF and NRA membership, we'll be a lot better off.

Don't get mad and do nothing but mumble and stock up on mags. Instead work the representative government system we have and do something to show that these proposed bans are unacceptable to the majority of Americans.


ProudHillbilly said...

I'm currently broke, but if I had the money to spend I'd be conflicted as to whether I'd want to add to the frenzy or not.

Every representative and senator needs to be flooded with calls, e-mails, letters. I've managed not to express my short, f* you!, version of my opinion to them so far, but it's been tempting.

Keads said...

Today the range broke a sales record. Mind you they DO NOT sell Firearms. The last of the stock of ammo is out and I think it will be done tomorrow.

It was crazy today, I think tomorrow will be just as "interesting".

Aaron said...

PH: Yep, both my Congressional Rep and Senator are Dems so I don't expect much but might as well respectfully give it a try.

Keads: I know, I was just about to place a bulk order for more 9mm for practice and competition and this hit.

MSgt B said...

"work the representative government system we have and do something to show that these proposed bans are unacceptable"

Thank you for being a voice of reason. Too many cries of "Bury your guns!" all over the internets nowadays.