Monday, December 10, 2012

Right To Work Rocking Michigan, Democrats Go For The Blackmail Option

After the Unions overreached in pushing Proposal 2, the measure to enshrine unions in Michigan's constitution, the payback is both swift and a dog of a female persuasion.

As the law proceeds towards being passed, Union opponents are protesting the legislation allowing for workers to opt out of joining a union, and even planning to sing Christmas-themed protest songs outside the governor's house. Perhaps the song will go: Pay union dues ye faithful, you must always join the union, no right to work, no right to work, dues till the end...

With luck the songfest will end in: On the first day of Christmas, Snyder gave to me, the right to work and be free...

The songfest and protests also highlight the need for Right To Work: If all these union members can take this much time off and the work in their places of employment is still getting done, someone is way overstaffed with Union make-work jobs.

Not to be outdone, East Lansing's own Democrat's Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer is trying to get the Obama administration to threaten a blockade of federal funding for public works projects in Michigan if Right to Work passes:

Democrats have asked the White House to get into the act and it has. The President’s press secretary offers that Mr. Obama does not much like Right to Work.

And the senate Democratic leader here discloses the White House has been asked to do a little linkage.

The governor wants federal money for his bridge between Detroit and Windsor and the feds are dangling $25 million or more for a new transit system down Woodward Avenue.

What if the White House strongly hinted the money might remain in Washington, if the governor signed RTW?

Asked if that request has been made, Sen. Gretchen Whitmer says, “Yes.”

“We are hoping that when President Obama comes to Michigan (today), that this is on his radar screen.” After all if Mr. Snyder “doesn’t care about the middle class, why should we be bending over backwards so that this governor is able to deliver on his promises?”

Talk about chopping of your nose to spite your face Senator Whitmer. A helluva lot of that transport money would have gone to middle class workers and indeed union jobs, Right to Work or no Right to Work. Not to mention the resulting bridge would be used by Teamsters and others to ferry trade across it, including UAW-made cars.

Appealing to Obama to harm Michigan's workers and economy in a petulant move should not win you many favors if your supporters had a lick of sense, but then again, as she comes from the academic ivory-tower liberal enclave of East Lansing such concerns of the little people hardly matter to her supporters.

Bring popcorn, the leftist meltdown over Right to Work is going to be fun to watch.

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