Sunday, September 23, 2012

West Virginia Blogshoot Report

Saturday bright and early we rolled out of the Lair and headed to the range.

The blogshoot was organized not just as a meet-n-greet-n-shoot, but also to raise money for a worthy cause:

After paying the range fees, we kicked in our donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. Then the range staff held a safety briefing and we got to the shooting.

20 bloggers and blog commenters attended.

It is certainly fun to meet bloggers and blog commenters that you only know from their blog personas. Some are exactly as you pictured them, some quite different.

I met Old NFO in person, and he graciously let me try his FN SCAR. We were shooting at 400 yards and with the gun and ACOG scope mounted on it I was hitting the steel very easily indeed. Awesome gun.

He then even more graciously assisted me in sighting in the new ACOG I had mounted on my AR-15 and in a few shots with his help I was hitting steel cosnsistently at 400 yards. A true gentleman and I've aded him to my blogroll accordingly.

I also met Keads in person, and much as is revealed in his writing, he is also a true gentleman. Not only did he shoot, he also volunteered as a spotter for other shooters on the 400 yard line.

Proud Hillbilly was there, and it was good to put a face to a name and to see my old M1 Carbine being used so well.

I also met AZ.mrmacs, a gregarious and humorous fellow who brought some wonderful toys to the range - an MSAR and a FAL:

Murphy's Law has a great and more detailed report of the shoot. After all, I'm busily typing this on his computer -- but he gets to use my pictures so its a fair trade. Some other great writeups of the event include New Jovian Thunderbolt's account, My Muse shanked me, with an excellent video of my UZI in action, In Search of the Tempestuous Sea, Keads, and Old NFO's, of course.

We raised $1,100.00 for a very worthy cause, and had fun and met some new friends doing so.


Keads said...

Great to meet you!

Old NFO said...

Great to finally put a voice and face to the blog! ;-) And you were doing pretty well on your own at 400x! :-)

Broken Andy said...

Nice meeting you, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Awww shucks (kicks the ground). Had a great time, am glad to have had the opportunity to participate and make new friends (even you Shekel).
Even better, you made it safely home, even with Murphy's flying.
And if you are back in this area, holler, I may be able to get you a tour of a C-5 via a friend at the Air Guard base... Even better, maybe a group tour for all the bloggers?

Murphy's Law said...

I'm an excellent flyer...and driver.

Keads said...

Well since you operate both in three dimensions I will grugenly accept your statement.

Aaron said...

Broken Andy: Nice to meet you as well, and I like your blog.

AZMrmacs: Next time I'm there I'l take you up on your kind offer.