Monday, September 03, 2012

What Media Bias?

Borepatch comments on the phenomenon of the media conveniently overlooking any blemished history, faux pas, or outright lie by a Democrat while pouncing and "fact-checking" on the slightest misstep or even a non-misstatement made by Republicans that can be spun by the media as a misstatement.

This is part of the continuing mainstream media model of politics.

The media will soon shamefacedly correct its giving a complete pass and lack of vetting of Democrats by working over and coming up with every misstep, misstatement and error committed by the Republicans twice as hard.

This is called, in mass media parlance, "Fairness".

After all, 0% vetting and scrutiny plus 200% vetting and scrutiny averages out to 100% fair and objective mass media coverage.

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