Friday, September 28, 2012

Hoffa Hunt Hops In A Hole

The Detroit Free Press: No evidence of a body found in Roseville driveway in search for Jimmy Hoffa

About every six years or so in recent times, the greater Detroit Area is home to a Hoffa Hunt, as yet another person claims to know the location from a now dead confidant.

Jimmy Hoffa the Teamster Union boss who disappeared in 1975 after heading off to meet some interesting people has never been found, and it looks like that's not about to change.

No evidence has been found of a body from samples taken this morning from a Roseville driveway in a search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains. The 4-inch core sample pulled out from six feet under a concrete slab was just a combination of clay and mud, Police Chief James Berlin. Results from analysis of that core sample and one more are expected back from Michigan State University on Monday, he said.


Berlin said the owner of the home around the time of Hoffa’s disappearance in the 1970s was a bookmaker with ties to members of Detroit-area organized crime, the alleged prime suspects in Hoffa’s disappearance.

Back in 2006 about $250,000 was spent digging up a farm in Milford based on the allegation that Hoffas was buried there. Now in 2012, they're checking under a Roseville driveway.

I'd suspect it is quite unlikely that Hoffa is under the driveway, but that just allows mystery fans to continue to speculate as to where he may have ended up, allowing the Greater Detroit Area Hoffa Hunt to continue.

Update (10/3/12): No evidence of Hoffa, nor the remains of any other individual was found.


Murphy's Law said...

They made him into sausage. Hygrade factory.

MSgt B said...

No no.

He's still alive.

He's living in a prefab on the edge of the desert near Las Vegas and going by the name Raymond Woljikowicz.

He has an Obamaphone and his liver is the size of a football.

Swear. I read it on the internet.