Tuesday, September 04, 2012

School's In From Summer

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This morning I got up, made the coffee, fed the kids and walked them along with Natasha to school for their first day.

Both of them were very excited.

Leah is making the leap to First Grade and Abby is now in Third Grade - the top grade in the school.

They both determinedly insisted on wearing their own backpacks on the way, each pack heavily loaded down with all their required supplies for the year. With looks of steely determination they marched, looking like troops ready to go over-the-top on their way to school.

Leah immediately found a friend from kindergarten on the way to her classroom and they held hands, talked and walked excitedly as only little kids can as they headed for the classroom.

We walked them both to their classrooms and dropped Leah off first and helped her get situated, and then did the same for Abby. They both met their teachers, unloaded their packs and got their desks ready and then started their activities after a quick hug goodbye.

They're both growing up strong and smart with their very own personalities and dreams.

It's our job as parents to help them get to their dreams. Some days you just wish it wasn't going by quite so fast.

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Scott said...

Enjoy every minute of it - it seems like yesterday when mine were first starting school, and now they're both teenagers and we're thinking about college!