Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Hope That Someone Gets My Message In A Bottle

An example of better late than never:

Foxnews: 98-year-old message in bottle sets world record

It was scooped up from the sea after 98 years, and now officials say a message in a bottle discovered in Scotland has set a world record.

Fisherman Andrew Leaper found the bottle-- released in 1914 -- in his nets in April while sailing east of the Shetland Islands, which lie off Scotland's northern coast.

Guinness World Records confirmed Thursday the find is the oldest message in a bottle ever recovered, beating a previous record by five years.

I'd hate to be stuck on a deserted island awaiting relief if I was depending on that current. Then again, the quality any bottle and stopper that can take the beating the sea offers for 98 years and remain intact is certainly to be admired.

Inside each bottle, a postcard asks the finder to record details of the discovery and promises a reward of a sixpence. Unfortunately for Leaper, the coin no longer exists.

While the six pence is no longer in circulation, we can calculate what Mr. Leaper should be paid.

The purchasing power of a six pence from 1914 will buy, depending on the analysis you use, either 1 pound 87 pence using the retail price index or 7 pounds, 38 pence in terms of comparable average earnings based on 2010 data.

And there already is a song written that is suitable for the occasion:

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