Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Democrats Suddenly Recover God, Jerusalem Into Their Platform

The Democrats, for the first time in the history of their party, neglected to mention God in their party platform. They had no problem inserting that abortion should be available on demand even to those who can't afford it (ie taxpayer funded, which should make pro-life Democrats heads spin), but deleted any religious reference.

The Detroit Free Press: Democrats scramble to tweak planks on Jerusalem, God as convention's 2nd night begins

Democrats sought to tamp down a pair of controversies as they gaveled open the second night of their convention Wednesday, inserting the word “God” into their platform and restating support for Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Both had been omitted from the original draft...

One would think it was an inadvertent mistake, after all, forgetting those two points could happen to anybody, really. However, the removal of those references seems to not have been so accidental, especially given the challenge of getting reference to the God and support for Jerusalem as Israel's capital back into their platform.

The language was adopted as amendments to the party platform as the first order of Wednesday’s business, but not without controversy. It took three attempts to pass the language regarding Jerusalem and a subjective decision by the convention chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, to decide the change had the required support of two-thirds of the delegates. To many listeners, the voice vote seemed at least evenly divided.

If that doesn't make the Jewish Democrat supporters situp and take notice not much will. Three attempts and the final one likely a push is quite revealing of the Democrat delegates, representing the entire Party's actual feelings on the matter. Perhaps those Jews will realize that while they haven't left the Democrat party, their party sure as heck is leaving them.

Indeed those chosen deletions are quite revealing to the American public as a whole - the Democrats are turning their back on American traditions that have served America well in both the domestic and foreign relations spheres.

Wow. Debbie Schlussel has the video of the Democrat clown show where they amended their platform to put mention of God and of recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital back into their platform.

It's also a decidedly Democrat demonstration that it is not who votes that matters, but who counts the vote that truly matters.


Scott said...

Aaron, I heard this vote on the radio yesterday (probably Sean Hannity's show on the drive home) and I was astonished. I too heard the 50/50 response, and the mayor's "uhh, let's try that again" comment.

I was going to echo your question about why Jews seem to be moving to the left and supporting leftist candidates (to the detriment of their long-term interests), but as I thought about it, I realized that it isn't just a Jewish phenomenon at all - we have seen it in the Christian world as well, both Protestant and Catholic. Pastors, and entire denominations turning away from their foundational doctrines and traditions and embracing what their fore-bearers would have abhorred.

I don't suppose it's one thing that has caused this drift, and it won't be one thing that brings them back. It's hard to watch, in the meantime.

ProudHillbilly said...

It's so clear when you listen that the vote DIDN'T pass.

Scott #2 said...

I'm Jewish, unemployed, low on funds - but most definitely Republican. Along with millions of other Americans, I'm willing to work for my income; I don't want to be "given" anything. Several other members of my congregation (a minority, unfortunately) also are conservative politically.

Those who do not share my beliefs seem to be "afraid" of "the Republicans destroying this country." I fail to comprehend how such thinking prevails.